24 April 2012


Mind = Blown. Tortured DBeat hardcore insanity from Venezuela. Perfect execution, and recently repressed in the states by IFB. I know this tape has been blogged and gushed over and shared elsewhere, but these jams are not to be missed. I like to be thorough.


CV said...

Thanks! :)
Fracaso is my band, and to check in your blog the demo makes me sooo happy!

the wizard said...

Just to listen to FRACASO makes me happy - SO GOOD!!! Please make more sounds soon!!

CV said...

new 7 inch is in the pressing plan now. I will send you a copy. Tell me your address.

Anonymous said...

Lovely! I also play in Fracaso! Thanx for the support!
New stuff soon!

generalspeech said...

they are doing a 7" soon i believe.