07 April 2012


Musically confrontational, San Francisco's COPS blow through 6 songs in the time it would take most hipsters to carve out the perfect line on the tape case. COPS would just do the whole bag and play faster. Hardcore by way of weird, synths lurking under the wreckage to turn your stomach - the thing this tape does most is make me want more recordings. Members of TOTAL SHUTDOWN, NIGEL PEPPERCOCK and half of '90s Mission denizens FUCKFACE...you know what you are about to get into.


Street Justice said...

this tape is completely killer, i've been missing those weirdo noisy hardcore bands with jazz drummers from the 90s a lot and this gives me hope anew. saw a copy at the explorist, about to go buy it. do you know how to get in touch with these folks? i want to set up a show with 'em. also this "anti robot defense system" is spitting some weird lovecraftian words at me and i suspect a type of necronomical curse was just cast on me. what the hell does "ngsoth fyarhent" mean anyway?

the wizard said...

Want to get in touch? Just ask at Explorist - the impresario is in COPS.

Street Justice said...

awesome. that place is easily my favorite recently opened business in the neighborhood. dude was out of tapes for now but said there'd be more next week. any chance of getting vaccuum to play a show?