28 April 2012


This is for all of the people who do not have their finger on the pulse. I heard this when I was in Boston in January (our show ruled, by the way)...Paul played it for me and I was instantly hooked, as much breathy modern pop as '80s new wave sounds, with two distinctly different female vocalists. Just as I was falling head over heels for this six song tape, everybody in the joint started exclaiming how much they loved it. Wait a minute, I thought....how do these people know about this exclusive thing that my friend is playing me? How do all of these people somehow have their finger on the pulse of the thing I thought I had my finger on the pulse of? Apparently, these people look at the internet, and I just put things on the internet and don't look at it enough - and apparently my priorities are all screwed up, because I missed out on several quality months where I could have been listening to SIAMESE TWINS every day. The wave of '80s worship sweeping the punks is more than evident here, but I hear COCTEAU TWINS, STONE ROSES and THE HOUSE OF LOVE. Everyone will tell you that the vocals are the star here, but the reverbed guitar plays front and center in each one of these songs, every bit as breathy and ethereal as the vocals want to be (think THE PRIMITIVES on downers - fukkn perfect combination). Brilliantly crafted pop music that has already been shared generously on the internet - I Could Die Tomorrow and Cosmic Hearse have already offered this cassette - and they are both far better at this sharing thing than I am...but just in case you also languish in the shadows and miss out on the next cool thing until after it's no longer the next cool thing but the last cool thing? This shit is for you. Just as amazing as when it was unknown and undiscovered (to me), SIAMESE TWINS will carry you to new heights.

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Anonymous said...

I've been downloading everything you tagged under GOTH. This is amazing.