15 June 2011


Innocent and unabashedly open two piece from San Francisco who create honest and simple music. The presentation is as stripped down as you could ask for - lilting but melancholy female vocals and a guitar strumming atonal chords with a complete lack of pretension. The drums play busy and often complex beats with determination, but they remain in the background even when it sounds like Keith Moon is trying to hold back while keeping the beat for soul baring minimal post punk. The lyrics are often uncomfortably personal, which makes their innocent delivery even more crucial. This definitely deserves to be filed under "not typically my thing," but recently I have been filing it under "listen to this often."

I'm picking up some Swedes at the airport today, and the pre-MARTYRDÖD tour shows start tonight in Oakland. Bay Area residents come to Sugar Mountain for a night of crushing doom and metal that sounds nothing whatsoever like the demo posted today:


Dk said...

I dig this. The band seems to have a slight twee/post-punk lather that flows through the ears nicely. Almost new wavy in quirkiness. I would be very inclined to see them play live. Another fine one, Robert.


Hey there,
Got a question for ya, one I cant seem to get answered, even from the Apple Store. I have a bunch of cassettes that I wanna put on my blog, making them MP3s, putting them onto my MacBook onto Itunes. Any suggestions? Do you have a MAC? How do you do it? I'd appreciate any help and/or suggestions!
No Beast So Fierce

joel said...

oh hey, look at that. that martyrdod show ive been thinking i should go see is a martyrdod/no statik show! i am SO observant. see you sunday night!

Wizago said...

This is good stuff! Reminds me of the Raincoats' first LP at times. Thank you!