01 June 2011


Most excellent crust tinged hardcore from Greece's ANTIMOB. There are flashes of euro-crust heaviness on this 2007 demo, but ANTIMOB manage to sound totally original within the admittedly narrow confines of that subsubsubgenre, cranking out seven tunes that draw from the same influences as Germany's THE NOW DENIAL. Awesome guitars, delivering motörcrust with weapons better suited for full on sweaty bar rock (it's a combination that works brilliantly) - there is nothing fancy here, but everything here is good. Stand out track: "In Front Of The Machines," full length coming later this year (supposedly and hopefully).

The well publicized festivities in Austin start tomorrow, but things are ramping up tonight with this photo show, featuring my wife and a load of good friends who take really awesome pictures. If you are attending the well publicized festivities in Austin and are getting into town tonight, then I expect to see you here:

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Thanks for Antimob! :D