16 June 2011


When I pressed 'play' on the deck to start the first WHITE WARDS demo last year, I had no idea what I was in for, but after seeing the band, being blown away by the band, and blasting their recent EP on Iron Lung, I was well prepared this time. This radio set from Portland features 13 of the most searing live minutes you are likely to encounter for quite some time. Cut from the US hardcore mold, but pulled and tweaked and fukkd in so many different directions that the result is just pure and glorious chaos. The guitar on the cover of NO TREND's "Too Many Humans" is something that should be studied by all serious students of the wonderfully oppressive sounds of indulgent hardcore. A great band on tape and in person, and I fully expect more magic in the future.

NO STATIK is playing in WHITE WARDS' hometown tonight. Olympia denizens come visit, and the MARTYRDÖD tour starts tomorrow in Seattle!


Anonymous said...

You down to re-upload this man?

the wizard said...