07 June 2011


Elements of FRAGMENTS and EMERALDS join forces and create an epic minimal opus that will take you where the name suggests: OUTER SPACE. If the galaxy were a celestial desert, and if its residents ate a steady diet of hallucinogens, then Light Demonstrations would be their language. Incredibly sparse ambient sounds that build with excruciating patience over two cassettes. Released last year by Deception Island, OUTER SPACE is like existential weed.

(And yeah, I did bother to scan in the white printed on white cover for this cassette, because the image is cool. Even if you can't exactly see it.)


NEON PISS said...

great cover. Had to turn the computer sideways to see it.

Anonymous said...

Love it! I dig most of your posts, but I think my faves are the fringe atypical ones like this one. Thanks!