08 June 2011


A few months ago there was this dude selling tons of really awesome (or at least really interesting looking) '80s cassettes on The Machine, and I threw my hat in the ring on a few of the auctions - who doesn't need more early US and European hardcore and punk tapes, right? Well, apparently a few other people needed them too, because after the dust settled, this tape was the only one peeking through my mail slot, and I was only $1.99 (plus shipping) poorer. SCAPEGOAT LEMONADE play weird and vaguely UK influenced punk with an apparent attempt at alt rock glory (clearly this last part was a fail). "The Trap" is a legit killer, and easily the best song on the tape, but the most interesting thing is that these dudes lived two blocks from my house. My van is parked in front of their house right now, in fact. Bernal Heights represent! BH/HC!

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