25 June 2011


This sweet little banger was waiting in my mailbox when I came home from a long weekend of rock 'n roll, and it made me want to jump right back in the van and do it all again. Gruff and stripped down old school hardcore punk from Germany, combining what we love about early '80s magic with that undefinable quality that makes Deutsch-Punk stand as its own subgenre. The production is raw, giving the guitars exactly right ratio of crunch to clarity, and the drums are dominated by the hi-hat, like so many killer lo-fi recordings from the golden years. 13 1/2 minutes of pure punk, dig it.

Tour ends tonight in Oakland. Thanks to all who stopped by.


mütü said...

thanks for posting this!

the tape is still available from irrkproducts AT yahoo.com

Susana Garcia said...

meow wants to hear this please :)

the wizard said...