14 June 2011


This five song mystery was tacked onto the back of a rehearsal tape that I'll get up eventually, but the studio session from ROUT greatly overshadowed those rough practice room tapes from another UK band. ROUT dish out killer punk tunes with an odd edge that reminds me of the THE BLOOD, high quality stuff that should by all rights be well known and documented, but I have come up with a big goose egg when trying to find information about these chaps. The sound is more akin to late '70s UK punk like EDDIE & THE HOT RODS than the mid '80s anarcho band they were paired up with on this tape, but regardless of the era or background, these tunes are absolute killers. "The Separate" and "Danger" are the clear standouts - both would be undeniable classics had they been committed to wax. Fukkn good shit, because you have earned it.


Henk said...

nice one! thanx

living in the 80s said...

please, can you re up this one too?

the wizard said...

re-zipped, re-loaded