22 June 2011


On the first ARTIMUS PYLE tour to Japan in 2001, we had two drivers for the two legs of the trip. The first was a somewhat legendary guitarist for a Tokyo hardcore band who arrived to pick us up almost 2 hours late, and promptly threw his boots at a wall shouting "I AM FUCKING DRUNK!!" (it was just after noon, by the way), and then grabbed his bag of SLAYER and EXODUS tapes and we were on our way. The second driver was the vocalist for MAN FRIDAY, who was substantially more mild mannered and extremely pleasant to tour with. In a perfect world, I would keep in touch with all of the nice people that I have met over the years I've spent touring and playing and setting up shows, but the world is far from perfect. I am also far from perfect, so I'll just post the nice dude's demo on the internet ten years in the future and tell him "Thanks."

MARTYRDÖD and NO STATIK at The Pink Mailbox in Isla Vista tonight. Then we will walk to the beach, and it will be fantastic. Maybe even romantic.


MRMAGOOMC4 said...

as a fellow blogger
i would like to say this is one of the best places for great punk downloads

Anonymous said...

i thought the pink mailbox stopped existing??? didnt those foos move to pdx???

the wizard said...

I am urinating in their backyard as I type, but they just got an eviction notice. Show tonight is great, but they are done soon. It was a good ten year run!

Anonymous said...

them kids have been doin DIY shit for Santa Barbara/Isla Vista area since late 90s - always coming out to L.A. and the PCH Club for gigs back in the day!!! GUNNA MISS EM!!!