19 June 2011


Killer Mötorpunk from one shredding ex-ANNIHILATION TIME guitarist meets late '80s UK metal punk madness (which really just sounds like MÖTORHEAD anyway). LAZY DOGS come from Oxnard and rip through 6 songs of neanderthal lowest common denominator thrashing punk rock 'n roll with searing leads and throaty vocals, double bass drum exactly when you expect it, a bullbozer of simple low end bass lines - everything done exactly the way it should be. Perfect for long overnight drives filled with gratuitous steering wheel drumming and/or insane parties in some unsuspecting kid's mom's house. I feel like a chump for skipping them in Texas, but I felt like I had to go watch PERDITION and MANIPULATION, so really it was a win/win for me. 


jon said...

Looks like track 1 is missing from the upload. (unless they're numbered wrong...) Thanks for the rest though.

the wizard said...

Numbered wrong. Track 01 was just dead space.

heroin diet said...

where can i pick this up?