13 April 2010


THIS BITTER LESSON released the little known Value Of Defiance demo in 1982, and this one came a year earlier. Many of the same tracks are on both releases, but this tape also has "Volume Control," "Perfection" and a couple of others. The shit was way out of order and the song titles are all hand scrawled on a note that came tucked inside, so it's quite possible that I've misnamed something...the earth will continue to rotate - just barely. This is quintessential anarcho art/punk...10 songs that bridge the gap between rudimentary UK punk and noisy self indulgent pieces focusing more of sounds and the spoken word. Claire's voice is in a league with Eve Libertine/CRASS, especially during the spoken bits...enjoy.


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Slow Listener said...

Claire also sang on Flowers In The Dustbin's first record Freaks run wild in the Disco

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm Claire and I don't even have a copy of anything that This Bitter Lesson recorded. It was a bit self-indulgent, yes - cringe, and worse. But we were very young, if that's an excuse. Nonetheless if anyone has a copy esp. of the red and black cassette with the fanzine that went with it The Sparrows' Nest Anarchist Studies Library would like to get hold of it.
info @ thesparrowsnest.org.uk