18 April 2010


I got this tape in the mail in 2003, while I was living in Milwaukee.  I popped it into the deck of our trusty E350 one night on my way to work at a bar south of downtown, and before I even hit the freeway I was digging this hard, and after driving for less than a mile I pulled the van over to check out the insert so I could sing along by the side of the road (what boss is going to reprimand you for being late due to an intense love of hardcore? no fucking boss I want to work for!).  I was getting into "Biomechanical Feedback" when I saw the phone number on the photocopied j-card, and I figured what the hell...so I called.  Bassist Rachel wasn't home, but I left a message with her very confused roommate, telling her that I was from 2,000 miles away and I loved the shit out of the DOLPHIN demo, and that was all. DOLPHIN were from Bellingham, Washington, and graced us a just as killer CD only demo later in 2003 before disbanding. Fucking great tape.

I went to Oakland last night to see Rachel's current band MURDERESS, more metal than DOLPHIN, and a fucking juggernaut live. Good fucking shits, go see them in LA today/tomorrow.

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