19 April 2010


This one is a total mystery to me, but it's a damn fine rock and roll mystery, and one that I do not mind reading over and over again. CAPITAL GAIN came from Bridgend, England, and graced us with this metal tinged scorcher in 1987, but that's where my vast well filled with invaluable information runs dry, and I'm left to just revel in these tunes. "Epoch Of The Business Person" has a bit of unnatural fade out, and the two following tracks might be from a different session - one where the guitarist had a bit more say in regard to the level of his (or her) all important instrument, but the female vocals are a killer constant throughout...except on the short instrumental "Motor Mentality." There's liberal SACRILEGE influence here (mostly on the vocal department, the music is way more punk/less crust), and whether intentional or not they remind me of New York's PRE METAL SYNDROME, whose LP also came out in 1987. My copy of this tape starts with "Plug-In Drug" cut off a bit (you deal with the hand that life gives you, right?) and then there's this weirdness at the end - I've included one of the tracks (perhaps the band included them, originally?), but these sounds continue on the tape for 15+ minutes, as if the whole thing were being replayed backwards at half speed.  It sounds kinda cool, but perhaps cooler if you are really high, which I currently am not. Perhaps I will get really high and then revisit this stuff later...when it's dark. 

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Henk said...

thanks! never heard about this one.

convert the last song in reverse and find an outro ;)