08 April 2010


More dreary black metal from the Black Twilight folks in LA. ASHDAUTAS are noisy, grim and uncomfortable.  I also heard one of the members say: "I just took a bunch of LSD, I think it's giving me gas." Perhaps that might give a little insight into the bizarre vibe that the Crepusculo Negro releases seem to all have?

The files are split simply into sides A & B, as the music is presented as two long movements.  The song titles are:
I. Purity Of Disease
II. With Blades We Speak
III. Synaethesia
IV. The Yawning Black Beyond

I'm leaving town again this weekend, driving Oakland's LAUDANUM to the Northwest. Thursday April 8 in Olympia @ Northern; Friday April 9 in Portland @ Plan B; Saturday April 10 in Seattle @ The Comet Tavern.  All three shows with SAMOTHRACE, ATRIARCH, and FAWN. Stop by and get your doom on.

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ido said...

I like this band so much that I bought this tape. As well as a bunch of other Black Twilight stuff. Shame they broke up recently.