25 April 2010


Though it defies all logic, it appears that THE DEAD were perhaps the only 80s UK band to take that moniker. I could wax on about the band's history, but instead I suggest that you just go here and get some background. These five tunes are not on either of the demos listed on KFTH, though two of them appeared on the 1984 split with FAMOUS IMPOSTERS...if anyone has it then feel free to let me know if these are the same versions. The keyboards might turn some folks off here, but the song writing here is fukkn ace, and Claire's vocals are excellent. Never mind the fact that SIMPLE MINDS so clearly nicked the opening lick from "Don't You Forget About Me" from THE DEAD's "Duty Calls" (it's a dead ringer), the song is still a classic jam.  This demo came to me on a tape with BARBED WIRE and INTERNAL DIMENZIONS, and all the shit is good so I'm gonna put them up one by one this week...you know, to give you kids something to look forward to besides homework and mowing the lawn.


Zak said...

I bought a lawn mower this weekend! Looking forward to mowing my lawn while listening to this week's jams.
No homework though.

Henk said...

this demo include the two songs from the split EP (same versions), so i would guess this is a demo made for that release.

damn great one, which i never heard all songs from before.


the wizard said...

appreciate the background - so much shit I have is just on ancient tapes with nothing more than song titles and the occasional address. I frequently send postcards to the addresses, maybe some old punk's mom still lives there? as yet I have failed to get lucky, but I'll keep trying.

Fritz die Spinne said...

Downlead is Dead. Can you re-up? Thanks!

the wizard said...

Rezipped and reloaded. Thanks for letting me know.