23 April 2010


Just like the title says: a compilation of punk and hardcore from the UK. This Lethal Dose tape (catalog #LD10 for those keeping track) features OI POLLOI (three tracks off the first demo), POLITICAL ASYLUM (who are criminally under appreciated, probably because they released primarily - if not exclusively - cassettes, making them unappealing collector fodder) with tracks from the Walls Have Ears tape, SUBHUMANS, THE STUPIDS (who I sometimes forget were fucking incredible...after I ripped this tape I blasted the Van Stupid LP and it was so damn good), CIVILISED SOCIETY with two killers from their 6 track demo, CHAOS UK ("4 Minute Warning" still gives me chills), GENERIC, LUNATIC FRINGE, and the unfortunately named but really good FRANKFURTER. This thing fucking smokes, and I think it's probably the perfect compilation for you to listen to today.

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Henk said...

i shared this one a year ago as well. great tape.