16 April 2010


AAARRRGH!!! Fuck! This shit is so good it melts my fukkn brain! BCT was the vehicle that first exposed most of my friends to all things killer, European, and hardcore, and there was serious emphasis put on the noise coming from Italy. BCT #25 is one of several BCT tapes chock full of raw Italian HC, and this volume features jams from CCM, I REFUSE IT!, P.S.A., VIVISEXZIONE, CANI, KINA, NOISENOISENOISE P.N., SAVAGE CIRCLE, and the brilliant but until today totally forgotten by me LONDON '77. Mostly live recordings, excellent quality raw punk shits, this is fucking mandatory.

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Gatewood said...

Wow. This is one of the first punk tapes I ever owned. Memories. I became enthralled with Granducado HC after hearing it. Thanks for this.