27 April 2010


Sometimes I listen to something and I get the impression that it was an accident. These three songs from INTERNAL DIMENZIONS are disjointed post punk with awkward vocals, a really poor mix and drums that are EQed to sound like a cheap drum machine - and it's awesome. I imagine that in their perfect world, these kids recorded the perfect punk/new wave EP that the masses would dance to like there was no tomorrow (and indeed, "Is It You" has that hands-swinging-side-to-side 80s brat pack movie beat fucking nailed), but this is so gloriously raw and unmistakably punk and I want more than these three lone songs by an English band about whom I know nothing at all. The soaring guitar leads that start the brilliant "Wargames" are worthy of any CRIMINAL DAMAGE smash hit (or later BLITZ, to place the credit properly), and while the last tune is a little long and takes a while to get rolling, it's like UK punk put through a bizarre new wave filter...and since I happen to love both genres, I have no complaints. First THE DEAD, and now this? Someone made someone a good fukkn tape, and I am happy to share.

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Henk said...

Yeah! another great one i hadn't heard before.