03 April 2010


Lo-fi live demos are rather amazing, and I especially like that bands like CORPSE AND 2 VEG don't even bother editing out the between song banter that, in this case, takes up as much time as the songs. This is rudimentary anarcho shits, with emphasis on animal rights as the song titles might suggest. It's worth noting once again how amazed I am at how many 80s UK bands focused their lyrical energy on anti-hunting, anti-meat eating, pro-animal subjects...I support it and all that, but it seems sometimes that were no other worthwhile ills in the world during that decade. I would think the politically minded would have been more inclined to yell about Apartheid more than tofu, but then I was only 12 when this was recorded, and I lived in Oklahoma, and I probably ate a hamburger that day (I'd have to check my 7th Grade Food Log to be sure, but the odds are pretty good).

I'm going to be in LA this weekend with N.N. from San Francisco.  Saturday night in LA, Sunday in Compton.  The flyer is here, and these shows are gonna be great. The Silenzio Statico Ponx are out in full effect, and RAYOS X, TUBERCULOSIS, MATA MATA, LA VOZ, ANIMALITOS, POLISKITZO, RABIA AL SYSTEMA, SICK 'EM, KRUEL and loads more bands are gonna be blowing my mind. They will have tapes for sale, and so will I...for my friends in Europe, you are missing out.  For my friends in southern California, let's fukkn dance the shit out of a backyard!! 


matt said...

what a band name! wtf?! see you tonight dude.

vengeance is mine said...

you wouldn't happen to know where a motherfucker from the middle of nowhere could find either of the NN 7"s would ya? been lookin for a while. thx either way.