20 April 2010


I'm still not sure if this is the best band name ever, or one of the worst (the recently released ASSPISS single might hold the "worst" title), but names aside, this ANAL WARHEAD tape is packed with some of the most ripping hardcore that's blasted my ears into oblivion for ages. This is total American hardcore punk, the kind that the Rust Belt brought us in the 80s, angry and hopeless and hell bent. There's something in the water in Albany, and while it might make the water taste funny, it makes those people punk as shit. ANAL WARHEAD have a newish EP out on Loud Punk, so after you've melted your face with the demo, I suggest you buy it.

ANAL WARHEAD in a basement in Albany - a picture that features three of my favorite Albany dudes.



how soon will you posting that shrapnel demo i won't bug about like i did with the cause demo just wanted know well thats it cheers.

Slobodan Burgher said...

Asspiss, I got this for review and I am thinking "how to avoid making this an item about the band name" ha ha ha


the wizard said...

It is IMPOSSIBLE to review ASSPISS without focusing on the name, I mean...seriously, ASSPISS? How can you now make that the item of interest?