04 April 2010


After I put up the VIVID SEKT/BOG PEOPLE tour cassette last week, folks asked for the BOG PEOPLE tape...and I am happy to oblige (the tunes from the VS/BP tour split are all on the bands' respective tapes, so the split probably wasn't a necessary post, but I had just had my mind blown by both so it seemed logical). This shit is worth all the hype, killer introverted UK punk worship from Portland presented here in the form of 8 songs. The guitar is affected brilliantly, and the drum attack is as close to perfect as one could ever hope. I suggest listening to this on hallucinogens.

I bought this tape in Oakland, after I had mailed my first copy away to a friend.  Imagine my sadness when I got home and it was blank...no music to be heard, and I hadn't even gotten around to ripping the first one before I sent it off.  Curses! But as soon as I mentioned this (on the VIVID SEKT/BOG PEOPLE post) the band got in touch, and mailed me these killer tunes before I could even make it home from Los Angeles - and our van goes pretty fast.  So cheers twice to BOG PEOPLE: once for making the tunes, and then again for making sure I got them.


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this
fucking great

RATOSECO said...

Good to hear some new bands.

Anonymous said...

Hi, could you upload this demo again?

the wizard said...