01 April 2010


Raging Scottish hardcore that will have you peeling your speakers off the wall after you blast this all morning.  After the Who Are They Trying To Con? 12" came this demo in 1986, and then AOA delivered a split with OI POLLOI and a proper LP (five of those LP tracks appear on this demo). The only respite here is the spoken word bit before "Material Profit," and even that is just a teaser because it's about The Man, and right after you hear somebody talking about The Man and Society, you fucking KNOW that punk rock is coming next.  This one is all about the guitars man, from the manic whirling charge of "Is This Life?" to the AXEGRINDER/AMEBIX crunch in "Bastard Satan Fuckers From Hell," there's an intensity here that is rarely matched...Play fucking loud and enjoy.


Clint B said...

I am downloading a buttload of tapes today, which I shall listen to and evalute on my many airplane trips this month, and hopefully provide comment reviews for each one when I get back!!!!!

Henk said...


Anonymous said...

is this the original demo cassette you have?


the wizard said...

It is probably not a first generation, but it's the closest I have. My guess (and it's just a guess) is that this tape came from the band to a friend of mine in England. Unfortunately I have no cover or anything like that (not sure if these tracks were ever released with a cover or artwork, or perhaps not at all).

I expect heaps of reviews and feedback upon you return.

as always, you are welcome!

Clint B said...

“Sick bastards!” Ah, love that apocalyptic UK bass tone that warns of impending doom. Air raids, gas masks, nuclear future amongst grimy council estates. Some cool drums fills too. Singer sounds enraged, but not in an inarticulate way. It get a little weird towards the end, huh?