13 October 2009


These tracks almost border on crossover, but they are crossing from tuneful UK punk over to more youth crew US hardcore (think New Wind era 7 SECONDS mixed with early INSTIGATORS).  The first two tracks come from a 1986 demo (you’ll notice that this ’86 version of “Reciprocate” is omitted, some drunk rocker a decade ago hit the ‘record’ button, and most of this track has been replaced with mumblings from a party), and the others are from a 1987 Peel Sessions broadcast (I think they are literally from the broadcast, as in taped off of the radio, which any smart punk would surely do if Mr. Peel were to air his or her band, right?).  The two versions of the band’s theme song “Visions Of Change” sit right next to each other…but personally, I kinda like listening to a demo version followed right up by the tune the way it was envisioned by its creators (and marveling at how often the demo is better!).  You might notice that the songs are in an order slightly (ok, completely) different from the order written on the cover that I scanned...then again, you might not notice that at all.


evilbuttmunkeh said...

nice one, i love visions of change since hearing them on the north atlantic noise attack comp in the late 80s. never had any of the demos though so cheers
btw some of them are now in section 13: http://www.myspace.com/section13hc

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the wizard said...

Really? wow, I never would have guessed a DEPRAVED connection, the bands sound totally different. I like the DEPRAVED demo (and the LP ) as well, but clearly they changed their sound quite a lot along with the name change.

Thanks for the SECTION 13 connection as well, glad to know these folks are still kicking about!

mel said...

Saw both the Depraved and Visions Of Change back in the day. There are some VOC songs on a few comps back then and they would be the bridging gap between Depraved and VOC.
nice blog dude, whoever you are.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for being a muppet but I need a password - what is it please?

the wizard said...

no password needed, just click on the link and start the download.

Anonymous said...

Cheers, Wizard.
Must be the school's computer blocking me - no problem from home.
Much respect.

Anonymous said...

And finally...
Great listening to this session again. Absolutely wicked - building the ground for later UK bands bands (ala Snuff, Senseless Things, etc.).
But the track order for the Peel Session (12-05-1987) should be (1) Visions Of Change (2) More Than Now (3) Reciprocate (4) Tepees In Limbo (an old Depraved track, as like Flowers on the demo cassette).
Anyway, buy you a pint of the black stuff if I am ever over your way.