02 October 2009


This Friday's various artist excursion brings us to an Amazing Comp. I don't want to overstate things here, perhaps everyone might not find this comp to be "amazing," but the folks in THE FFUTS who put this tape together seemed to think so, and therefore they named this gem: Amazing Comp, and put a naked lady on the cover.  This one is all over the fkkn place; there's an acoustic song by PAUL ROWLEY that could easily be a lost FLAMING LIPS jam if it got tweaked just the right way, "Roller Skate" by THE JELLY BABIES is totally addictive post punk that has remained in my head for days, HATES tune "No Talk In The 80s" is just killer driving punk rock that would certainly make my Lost KBD list if I bothered to make one.  There are other raw punk gems to be sure, but it's the weirdness that makes this comp interesting for me.  Experimental noise from DOOF EXIST, the DDHR/KEITH track could be a CABARET VOLTAIRE out take, and GREG COTIER delivers similar minimal electronic noise, while the EXHIBIT A sounds straight off one of the Nuggets comps with it's psych guitar and organ.  NORTH conjure up memories of COCTEAU TWINS and then there's a horribly recorded live trainwreck from THE STONED RAYZENS that is rudimentary monotone punk at it's finest.  Amazing Comp hosts THE FFUTS deliver my three favorite tracks on the tape, each one a long sparse mostly electronic droning soundscape with chaotic crescendos.  With their three tunes alone clocking in at nearly 20 minutes, it's time to sit back and soak it all in...THE FFUTS put together a tape that covers all the bases.

You will notice a lot of very abrupt endings (a couple where the song just cuts off seemingly in the middle), I cleaned them up as best I could, but the tape is full of horrible edits...consider it experimental.
And, as is often the case, I have failed to find any substantive information about our hosts for this 80 minute journey, THE FFUTS.  I fucking love these tracks, so if anyone has any knowledge to share (or better yet, other recordings), The Wizard would be very happy indeed!



been wanting the fallout track from this for ages now if could only find there demo

Anonymous said...

THE FFUTS was a guy called Martin who recorded as The Stuff and was heavily active in the early 1980's UK D.I.Y. / 'Cassette Culture' tape scene...He released a few compilations back then, but my memory is getting a bit hazy now!