16 October 2009


Fridays seem to come along much quicker since I started posting comps and mix tapes each week.  I think this phenomenon is primarily because these tapes are way more tedious to rip than a simple demo tape.  But there is something magic about a truly killer mix tape, and ones like this make all that typing completely worthwhile.  I doubt there are undiscovered gems on this tape that no one has heard before (the bands new to me were ANOTHER WARCRY, who are bad ass, and POTENTIAL THREAT, who I have just never heard for some strange reason), and I also doubt that there are previously unknown songs by bands you already love like SACRILEGE, PANX ROMANA, SLIME and OHLO SECO.  But when a mix tape works, it fucking works, and that's all there is to it.  Segueing from 4+ minutes of ALIEN KULTURE's post punk track right into a 10 second rager from ANTI DOGMATIKSS and then diving right into a bizarre and awkward spoken word bit from LITTLE BROTHER to wrap up the second side...that shit works like a charm. Tracks from ESKORBUTO and ROTAVATORS were chopped off sides A and B respectively, which is the only bit of poor planning exhibited by this unknown cassette assembler, except perhaps the unimaginative naming of the tape (every good mix tape needs a good name, and Various Stuff doesn't really cut it).  Dig in...just download and listen to this shit, and pretend there's a bunch of tape hiss instead of mp3 buzz (I know there really isn't any such thing as "mp3 buzz," I was just trying to make digital audio files sound, you know, cool).


Henk said...

The first 2 songs by Potential Threat is taken from their "What's So Great Britain" EP, and the other track is from their "Brainwashed" EP.

The Sacrilege songs is from their first demo tape from 1984.

I believe The Swedish band The Past's song is taken from their "United States Of Coca Cola" EP, don't remember exactly.

The rest of Alien Kulture can be found here http://www.alienkulture.org

Can't tell much about Apostles cause it seem they recorded their songs about 100 times each and released them on tapes, but they did have a split 7" with Joys Of Living.

Spoken word never was my cup of tea and is in my opinion just a waste of record time.

I leave the rest for someone else to sort out. Unsure I've ever heard Another Warcry before, but this was the best one on this tape to me.

Thank you very much for this one!

the wizard said...

I knew about THE PAST and SACRILEGE of course, and I've got the OHLO SECO and ANTI-DOGMATIKSS stuff, other than that this was just a bunch of cool tracks, thanks for sourcing so many of them for me (us). I usually agree about spoken word, but "letter to Knave" fucking cracks me up.

I wish I could give you a prize or something to thank you for your knowledge, but I'm afraid all I have to offer is another tape. And then another...and another, and so on.

Henk said...

i can put up what i've gathered so far by Potential Threat i you want me to?

hehe, i guess I owe u, and not the way around...

the wizard said...

you should absolutely post the Potential Threat stuff! I'm sure it's been posted elsewhere (really, by now what has NOT been posted somewhere?), but the more the merrier!

Henk said...

Too late. It's been uploaded on my blog now.

Might be the same stuff as other places, but who cares?

6 downloads there for you if you want them...

Cheers /Henk

Henk said...

If you like The Past - I suggest you to find the song 'A Free England' by *The Sect* (UK band, I'm sure you know them already?)

Forgotten the name of The Past's singer (Linus??) , but he is/was? a nice guy, met him at a oldies car festival in Västerås/Sweden a bunch of years ago and he gave us some moonshine he obviously made himself, hehe

i give that moonshine about a 10/10 possible points (and i should know ;)

Well enough of my life - track down that Sect song or ask me to share it ;), and of course - keep up this awesome job you do to this blog!