26 October 2009


I'm leaving for tour in about 8 hours, and I've spent the last three hours slapping labels on tapes and folding their covers (rather poorly, as you can see from the scan) to prepare for the onslaught of merchandise requests we are sure to be fielding at every show.  This tour one of our guitarists (Craig) is staying behind, and we've drafted Keisuke to fill his shoes.  Keisuke lives in Tokyo, and is already in another band, CHARM, with our drummer Kiku, so I fully expect that the transition will be seamless...we shall find out Tuesday, when we get to Okinawa and practice with him for the first time!  These songs were recorded with our sometimes drummer, Zack (yeah, we're kinda confusing, Zack lives in Wisconsin...and we had a different fill-in guitarist for our 2008 Asian tour, but that guy, Dave, lives in Australia and was replacing our other guitarist, Alex) in April 2008, but time passes quickly, and Devon just delivered the vocals tracks a week ago.  Our tour poster is below the link, so that just in case anyone reading Terminal Escape happens to find themselves in Japan, you'll know where to stop by and say hello.  I'll be back November 11, hopefully with a bag full of raging Japanese hardcore tapes!!

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Henk said...

happy touring!