25 October 2009


THE CONVULSIONS are just unfuckwithable.  Punishing noisy plodding UK punk from Bradford, circa 1983, with heaps of fuzz on everything and monotone chants dragging each song to its end.  The drums at the start of the title track make me want to shake my house of its foundation, and when the music pauses and Stan shouts "We are the victims!!" before they charge back into the song...well, that's when everything falls into place and the world is suddenly worth living. Yeah, it's that good.  This is one of may favorite tapes, and I'm happy to share.


Great big heaping thanks to Phil from CONVULSIONS for sending along another 9 songs for us to enjoy!  Cleaner, faster,  and better versions of "Electro Convulsive Therapy" and "Hatred Controls," along with three other studio tracks and four live numbers.  Phil talked down the quality of the live tunes, but personally I think they are fkkn brilliant, especially as delivered by a crew of 16 year olds who hadn't the slightest clue what they were doing!  A couple of photos:
came as well, along with an excellent tale about the CONVULSIONS supporting SUBHUMANS and INSTIGATORS at a Hell's Angels bar in '83, sounds like the punks were lucky to escape with their skin, much less their guitars!  Hope you enjoy these tracks...CONVULSIONS are truly one of my favorite unsung 80s UK bands.  Thanks again to Phil for the input!

EDIT: Some of these tracks are included in the demo download above, the rest of them are lost (at least temporarily).


Anonymous said...

this shit rules!!!

thanxxx alot for this blog since spain!!

piphey said...

i've got a 17 track convulsions comp - some live plus both demos. don't no how to post link on here but if you want the mp3s - e mail me at piphey@hotmail.com. got some artwork too.

Anonymous said...

Hey you mind reposting this???? The link is dead and it would be much appreciated!!

the wizard said...