17 October 2009


Awesome European hardcore from Germany.  A little crust, a little melody, mostly fast, really catchy.  This is the demo from 2004, and BOMBENALARM have graced us with several excellent records since then.  I recommend them all.  Treat yourself, you are totally worth it.


Anonymous said...

hey i released this demo in cd+their ist 7" its authorized by the band,and comes in a digipack case
if anyone is interested heres my mail shapeshifter57@hotmail.com it cost 7$ +shipping

the wizard said...

YES!!! it goes without saying that if anyone likes ANYTHING posted here should fucking buy it and from the bands and labels cranking it out WHENEVER available. Obviously most of the stuff here is long out of print, but newer bands (like BOMBENALARM) are amazing, and deserve our support.