15 October 2009


Listen to the guitar...hear that?  I think someone has listened to a few SUBHUMANS records, don't you?  Actually, the bass line in "Collision" seems to have been lifted straight off  "From The Cradle To The Grave."  And the minute plus of reverb and delay drenched guitar noodling that starts the second track...that's a cross between PINK FLOYD and the intro to "Big City," these folks did their homework.  I prefer the female vocals to the male, though it would be nice if they had traded off from time to time instead of a strict 'one or the other' formula, but that's just me nitpicking these songs nearly a quarter century in the future, which doesn't really seem all that fair.  Lyrics are political but positive in the "we can do better than starving children and guns and bombs and eating animals is unnecessary" sense, which I can get behind pretty much across the board (though my belief that "we" actually are capable of doing "better" than we have up to this point seems to evaporate a little more each day).  MAD ARE SANE hailed from Dorset, and recorded this gem in 1985.  You are most likely not from Dorset (though if you are, please drop a line and let me know how it is there, I'm curious), and are about to be listening to these tunes in 2009.  Weird how time and space work, ain't it?


the wizard said...
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Henk said...

thanks alot! been curious about this one for ages!

Anonymous said...

The Mad Are Sanes 1st gig was the 1st gig I put on in my home town; Wareham in Dorset. They supported A-Heads, Anthrax, Naked + 4 other local bands. This line up however I saw 3 times in '85 and they were superb anarcho prog and pretty much a completely different band to the 1st demo in members. Tony from Confession Of Sin on vocals, Seamus on guitar and Graeme on bass, all 3 very talented guys. Thing is I never even knew this existed. I had a live tape of them which sounded way better than this and was given to me by Andy of Self Abuse who played 2nd guitar for them near the end but this is a great find and a Dorset classic.
Paul C