02 July 2009


It has certainly occurred to me that perhaps this demo ain't even punk...but even if they are indeed a goth or new wave band, I challenge you to not dig the shit out of these WAR TOYS tracks. They hailed from North Devon, in the southwest corner of England and released this demo, as well as a practice session tape a few months earlier. The earlier versions of "Pandean Pipe Dream" and ""Inperspective" are certainly rougher and I might like them even better, you can decide for yourself when I post that demo. Sorry for the glitches at the beginning of "Mr. Cracked" and "Inperspective," I tried to clean it up a bit, but the shit is 25 years old, and it wasn't exactly treated with love. It was rocked, the way tapes should be!


Aesop said...

All these tapes have such compelling covers. Thanks for all this amazing stuff. BTW, I know you love shitty, poorly recorded punk have you checked out these:




the wizard said...

i've heard that Chemotherapy shits before...it's terribly great (perhaps greatly terrible?), but that French thing? holy balls, thanks!

Anonymous said...

War Toys were a great band, I saw them a lot in the early 80's and played in a few bands on the same bill. Really cool to hear this again.