03 July 2009


Unknown shits from England once again. They were nice enough to include lyrics ("lots of juicy red meat/that makes you feel sick/and the hypocrites eat it still/they say they object to murder -- how thick!"), but not even a contact address so yours truly cannot even tell what part of the Isle they hail from. No matter, cause these are rulin' tunes, from the rumbling bass at the start of "Just Another Animal" to the out of tune guitars and awkward reggae middle of "Take Your Life," or even just the killer driving rhythm of "She" (my favorite song on the demo). This gem is from 1984, and if anyone else has more from FARCE, please drop a line.

(three posts in one day? I need a job.)


Listen and Understand said...

Broken link.

the wizard said...

re-zipped and re-uploaded.
Thanks for the alert.