14 July 2009


The information I can find on SENSA YUMA is more than a little confusing. Started in 1980, stopped in 88, reformed in 1998 and still "going strong" today. The band is currently fronted by a chap named Stu-Pid, who has done time in ENGLISH DOGS, POLICE BASTARD and loads of others, but does not appear to have been an original member of SENSA YUMA, nor is he on this 1986 demo. The band website implies that he was in the band at the start, but then gives the band's starting line up and he ain't in it, it says he joined in 1982 and was in the band until the split in 1988, but then why ain't he on this tape? See why I'm confused? SENSA YUMA doesn't appear to have graced us with any vinyl until after their reformation.

All this is neither here nor there, because these four tunes recorded in January 1986 are sweet as shit. enjoy!


Henk said...

In the *Burning Britain* book it states he was drummer since '81, but got kicked/replaced by some heavy metal drummer. The following hardcore punks didn't like their new sound and Stu was soon back behind the kit.

He also did time in Contempt

the wizard said...

ha-ha!! i was actually gonna include that bit from Burning Britian as well, but it just made that website "bio" seem even more complicated, as it STILL doesn't make Stu an original....thanks as always!

Anonymous said...

My name is Agz (or Hagz). I was the founder member of Sensa Yuma.
Stu was not an original member of SY. He would have been a a bit young for that. He came in as a drummer during 1984 until about 85 when we replaced him with Shaun who like a lot of Punks during that era got into Doom metal type stuff.

There appears to be a lot of disinformation about this period, although I dont know why, or how anyone would benefit from it.

Stu came back as drummer in 87 as the drummer went back up "t" north with his family. And the following Punk crowd actually did like the sound.

I left the band in 89 as I had been doing the same songs for ever and a "every day`s your last day" and I moved to Birmingham.

Any questions on a postcard please.