21 July 2009


SALAD FROM ATLANTIS are among my favorite tapes that I've posted here at Terminal Escape, and while it is tempting to hold on to their other tapes, keeping them under wraps, they are just too damn good. I feel compelled to share them. Everyone needs to love them.
You might remember "Brainless" from The Squat Sessions tape that was one of my first posts, and the other two tunes here are well worthy of even more praise. "What's My Future?" is not quite as fukked sounding, but it's still clear that these gents were functioning on a different plane.


GRK. said...

Thanks for this. Heard about them aeons ago but never got to listen to them 'til now.

Word veri: ducksa

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately , now the link is dead ! thanks anyway , cheers !