22 July 2009


This one is another complete and total mystery. One might think with the band name that they would at least have a female singer, but if PRE MENSTRUAL TENSION features any women, then they are keeping it quiet. The cover to this demo is glued to the inside of the tape case, and there is no track listing, band info, not even a "no thanks to these miserable bastards" list. Fuck...I can't even say for sure if the songs here are even performed by PMT, as the cassette itself was completely free of any distinguishing marks. Aren't you glad I'm around...you know, to keep you informed?
These songs are fucking ace though, perfect flanger on the one guitar, and another one strumming cleanly along. The songwriting is brilliant...a better quality recording and this would be a fucking classic. As always (and especially for PMT), any additional information on this band would be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: The demo has been re-zipped with the tracks properly named, cheers to all who chimed in with the background on this band, and especially to System//Sabotage//Chaos blog for the second PRE-MENSTRUAL TENSION demo, linked below:


zeroid said...

Hi, here's the little i know, saw these in Bradford with Rhetoric and a band called Karrion who featured a couple of ex - Civilised Society members and played thrash metal type of thing. P.M.T were definitely from Northern England, maybe Bolton or Preston. They played upbeat older style punk rock and were seriously energetic on stage, I think I had this demo, bought it off them, but if so it's been lost since. I think the cover picture is of the Chief of Manchester police called James Anderton who was notorious as being a strict Christian moralist arsehole as well as a cop.That's pretty much all I can remember.
This band not to be confused with the mainly female punk band of the same name from Norwich (U.K.). Can you repost the Rhetoric demo please...:)

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Henk said...

Song #3 is corrupt.

the wizard said...

UPDATED AND REPOSTED as of 08/04/09, if there are still problems let me know.

thanks for the background, the tape I have doesn't even have a date. I've heard of Karrion, but never heard anything from them....similar to CIVILISED SOCIETY stuffs?
RHETORIC reposted, sorry it was away for a while.

Henk said...

All songs is OK now, thank you very much!

zeroid said...

TW Karrion were definitely on more of a thrash metal trip, can't remember too much to be truthful, but I do remember liking P.M.T. the best.
Have tried a few times to doiwnload the Rhetoric demo but it's not happening, but don't worry - I'll try and get my own copy ripped to stick on my mp3 player. Will try and get a bit more info up too....

zeroid said...

Oh,P.M.T. demo would have been 1988-89

Curious Guy said...

Nice one. This was their first demo from '88. PMT did a second one called "Prejudice & Hypocrisy" in 1989 (6 tracks).

the wizard said...

zeroid: i ripped the RHETORIC tape again, and rezipped the mp3s, so hopefully it's sorted now? let me know...

curious guy...feel free toshare the second PMT if you have access ;)

Curious Guy said...

Yeah, no problem. Will try to rip it one of these days. Don't know how it sounds as it's a long time since I listened to it and it's not an original copy.
btw. for those who need the track titles of this one:
1. Infanticide
2. Terminal Disease
3. Skin
4. I Wonder Why?
5. Asbestos Garages
6. Terrorism
7. Do We Need 'Em?

paddy said...

saw this band a bunch of times. one of my faves at the time,though they werent fashionable,just did their own thing. martin the singer jumped up & down like a nutter and had a great voice.'skin' is a classic track.

nosofobia said...

fell in love with them.
"do we need em?" is one of my favorite songs.. great band..

P.M.T. said...

about the band P.M.T. there was a single released in 99 of there third demo titled hazard thought you would like to know.