22 July 2009


I figure this band is probably kinda famous in Canada, but I don't live in Canada, so no one near me gives a shit about PROBLEM CHILDREN, FORGOTTEN REBELS, not even RANDOM KILLING or SHITLOADS OF FUCKALL. I used to like DOUGHBOYS in high school, I thought they sounded like SoCal punk rock. PROBLEM CHILDREN were from Toronto, and were rather prolific. Listening to this demo kinda makes me pissed that I got rid of their LP a few years back, because now that makes just one more thing that I will "need" to re-acquire in the future. Listen to these tracks from 1983, and then tell me: "is SNFU really all that good?"

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biopunk said...

Thanks for this one Wizard!

Living in Canada at the time, I can say they certainly weren't "famous" by any stretch of the imagination, but they were really, really good.

'Future of the World' was one of my favourite albums in '87.

And if you liked the Doughboys, check out the first couple albums by Montreal's Asexuals.

Same singer as the Doughboys, but with faster, more hardcore songs.