03 July 2009


My first post from Australia is a total ripper! 4 THOUSAND MILLION take UK styled peace punk (especially on "We Are Not Lemmings" and "Advance Australia!! Where??" which perhaps not coincidentally are the only two studio recordings on the tape, so maybe they would have moved further in this direction had they stuck with it?) and mix it with killer rapid fire US hardcore and noisy Bristol style damage. Several of the songs are all manic and disjointed, and the quality of the live recording (recorded at the "Rage Against Roxby" benefit in 1984...whatever the fuck the Roxby was) and the age of the tape only accentuate this, with several songs winding up mostly bass and off time vocals frustratedly wailing about politics and the system (to be fair, the lyrics are quite well thought out and rather intelligent). There is a scorching cover of DISORDER's "Kenmore Song" closing things up, but the whole half hour is fucking brilliant. As usual, I got next to no information on these fellows; they hailed from the capital city of Canberra and it seems that this was their lone release. Tim Yo gave it a stellar review in MRR #20, but that's the beginning and the end of the results from my exhaustive research. I wasn't sure if it was OK to post this one until I read their disclaimer:

"Feel free to reproduce any of the material herein, unless for profit, the promotion of nationalism, militarism, apathy, ideological control (political or religious), the maintenance of oppressive social/personal power relationships (eg; boss/worker, rich/poor, leader/follower, sexism, racism, etc.), and if fact anything else that denies freedom and the ability to think for yourself."

Thankfully, I stopped trying to control people ideologically through the dissemination of 80s punk and hardcore demos a few years ago, so we should be all clear!


Anonymous said...

'THE ROXBY' - Roxby Downs - famous uranium mine in Australia. The hippies and other protesters (punks included here) ofcourse had issue with mining in those old days because of the obvious use of that element in Nuclear Weapons (which this government would then sell to Israel or anyone else).

fantastic blog - I really enjoy the tapes and the sentiment you have to create this wonderful testament!

Cheers - exmorbidroadie (an aussie)

Anonymous said...

I have another demo of a few songs they recorded in the studios of a local radio station