01 July 2009


Japan fucking rules for hardcore punk, anyone who has bothered searching out under appreciated punk must know this, yes? I was lucky enough to play several shows with SHIKABANE in 2001, and they were every bit as nice to hang out with as they were totally crushing on stage. As we were leaving, the bassist, Arai, gave me a copy of his other band's demo and a comp CD, and this was the first and last that I ever heard from ACME. The A-side of the demo is fist in the air Japanese hardcore, but the B-side is a much slower, almost emotional track with HUGE guitars (guitars that nod, perhaps accidentally, to the German ACME) and powerful pained vocals. Shit rules, and I wish they had kept going...or maybe they did?
No song titles, cause it's all in Japanese, and mine is pretty rusty, but here's three songs from ACME. The first track seems to cut off prematurely, but the band intended it that way. I've also included the song "Over The All," from the aforementioned Show Your True Colors compilation CD, also released in 2001.


ECno8 said...

really really love the blog. 'specially the stories of the japanese gigs and whatnot. any chance for scans of this one so i can translate the track titles?

the wizard said...

It's in a box....somewhere.

the wizard said...

I looked on a whim, and pulled the demo out of the first box I checked - here's your song titles (and too, if you are feeling really adventurous).