01 July 2009


This is perfect anarcho punk from 1983. DOMINANT PATRI had one song on the Overground Records anarcho CD series ("Death Of Thomas," from this demo was on Anti-Capitalism, which I believe was Volume 4), but other than that I had never heard anything from them until I came across this gem. The title track (which is spelled three different ways on the demo) is so fucking good I can hardly stand it...a brutally slow and deliberate pace with just a few notes dragging the song along, it almost sounds as if vocalist Kate is having a hard time singing slow enough to keep in time. And then a childishly simple guitar lead comes in, bringing Joy Division to mind (wait, these are peace punks, so I suppose it should bring Lack Of Knowledge to mind). "Experiment," by contrast, is a pure punk rager, classic anti war lyrics. "Death Of Thomas" could be the anthem for tortured youth in any generation, and I can easily see why that was the song that made it onto the Overground disc. As is usually the case, I don't have any information to share about Dominant Patri, except that this three song demo is not nearly enough!


Ruben contreras hawthorne, california said...

Looked so long for this. Found it by accident, haha. Not even Nation of fire or Kill your pet puppy has had this up and I have searched their blogs completely. Only thing I need now is the Eratics session featuring the track from sean's compilation as well as the metro youth, sanction, and untermensch demos

Listen and Understand said...

Do you have the lyrics? If you do, please post them! At least just for "Death of Thomas".