12 July 2009


Wales. Not the ones with the "h," that swim in the sea, but the ones that are a part of the southwest England country area. And yes, I fully realize that there was a somehow incorrect use of singular and plural in that sentence, but I: a) can't really figure out how to fix it, and b) don't care because I am a punk. Folks belittle the 90s constantly for its contribution to punk....the music went mainstream in the form of grunge (which was really just 70s rock, wasn't it? don't get me wrong, I think MUDHONEY fukken rules, I'm just sayin' that maybe they are a rock band) and people seem to think that punk died? No way man, and I don't say that simply because I was a punk in the 90s, I say that because volumes of killer punk came out in that oh so docile and Clintonian decade. RECTIFY hail from Wales (which is almost a rhyme if you say it out loud, but I wouldn't, cause people would stare and think you were odd), and Ebullition is their first demo. Their sound would have fit perfectly alongside US bands from the same era (ECONOCHRIST, ANTISCHISM, DEAD SILENCE) and there are even the less melodic moments that remind me of Pain Of Mind era NEUROSIS. If you like this, I suggest their EP available here, and if you are interested even more beyond that, two of these dudes are now serving time in THIS SYSTEM KILLS, but honestly, I think this demo blows all that shit away. Typical, isn't it? "I only like the demo" and blah blah blah.

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