22 July 2009


The 80s were a simpler time, weren't they? If you wanted to start a label, all you really needed was a copier machine and a handful of C-60 tapes, and then you're halfway there! Loads of the tape compilations I have from the early 80s seem to be the result of someone making a neat cover for a mix tape they put together featuring their fave current acts. Every so often you come across one that just smokes start to finish, and this is one of those. The only thing I don't love on State Of Confusion is the LOST CHEREES tracks, but only because they are the same tracks that have been spread around every tape comp, CD retrospective and vinyl reissue for 20+ years now. "Freedom" and "Sexism's Sick" are classic UK punk tracks, to be sure, but do I really need to hear another live version? Well, apparently I thought that you did, so perhaps I should keep a lid on it. One solid hour of joy is about to be yours...pay special attention to the AMAZING tracks by SOLVENT ABUSE, of course the KRONSTADT UPRISING songs are great, and "Fuck Conscription" by COMMITED (their incorrect spelling, not mine) is a 100% classic UK punk scorcher. This tape has been rocked a few times, and the sound quality is certainly not the best...but if you turn it up loud enough, it don't matter. Settle in and get down!


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Henk said...

Thanks alot! Really enjoyed the Commited songs

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the wizard said...

PMT updated, should be all sorted. no CHRISTIANITY BC (i got SACRILEGE BC), might have STONE THE CROWZ tracks on a comp, i'll dig through shits.

henk: I fukkn love those COMMITED tracks, i would love to hear more from them!

Henk said...

don't mind about Stone The Crowz, I uploaded both demos some day ago.

I know I have a 4 track 7" by Commited, but don't know if it's the same band. It's on Ace Records and was released 1979

Henk said...

Hi Wizard! Can I ask you a favour about this tape?
I got a question from a friend in S.America about th tracklisting of this one, can you provide the running order of side A and B?
(tracklisting that is...)

Get our free demos here: http://www.angelfire.com/ab8/polaq/downloads.html

press the one you want and get it from mediafire as usual... our new one is not included there yet, you kept me busy by your uploads and i just had to nick some info/pics for the uk82 bandlist site, so i haven't got time to update our shitty site yet. You might like it if you're into out of tune, first take recordings of songs and re-used lyrics??

Spread the word;)

Henk said...

and yeah, forgot to state that some of the songs actually made it to tapes, but then we speak about 1999 /2000 and 2006 (+ CDR's)

the wizard said...

glad you had the STONE THE CROWZ, as I did not. here's the tracklist, I know that sometimes the songs get uploaded alphabetically, I'm not sure how to fix that problem, the computer appears to be smarter than I am!

1. SOLVENT ABUSE - Vigilanti
2. LOST CHEREES - Sexism's Sick (Parts 1+2)
3. X CRETAS - Grim Reaper
4. A.P.F. BRIGADE - Scared To Die
5. ATTRITION - (unknown)
6. ABDUCTORS - Hostage
7. HAGAR THE WOMB - By Force
9. COMMITED - Fuck Conscription
10. GLIMPO SAUCERS - Jock Strap
11. X CRETAS - Who Is Mad
12. LOST CHEREES - Society Called Hell
13. A.P.F. BRIGADE - Economic League

1. COMMITED - Mental
2. SOLVENT ABUSE - Heroin Girls
4. HAGAR THE WOMB - For The Ferryman
5. ABDUCTORS - Prostitute
6. ATTRITION - Screaming Room
7. X CRETAS - Clone Fashion
8. LOST CHEREES - Freedom
9. COMMITED - Whose War
10. HAGAR THE WOMB - Routine
11. ABDUCTORS - Fascist School
13. SUBURBAN FILTH - Ban The Bomb
14. SOLVENT ABUSE - Glue Kills
15. A.P.F. BRIGADE - Race To Perfect Death

thanks for the links to your demos...i'll download immediately! cheers.

Anonymous said...

The Commited on this tape is NOT the band who released the Ace Records 7"...

The band on this tape were a shortlived Punk band who came from the Kent area just outside Londion...
I saw them play live in Feberuary 1982 at the last ever concert at the Anarchy / Autonomy Centre in Wapping, London (the centre funded by Crass' 'Bloody Revolutions' 7") on a bill with The S-Haters, Youth-in-Asia and Flack...

The Abductors were from Nottingham and featured in Issue 2 of Dawning of a New Error fanzine (the fanzine from 1981/1982 written by Digby Pearson who went on to start Earache Records)...


Rut said...
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Rut said...

Great tape & great review.
Worth grabbing just for the classic Suburban Filth track alone (ha ha!)
For pics & lyrics:

the wizard said...

please get in touch! I would love to hear more SUBURBAN FILTH! the lone track on this comp is a brilliant mess, and the songs you have online are just a teaser for me, at 30 seconds a pop, you must have recorded heaps more...just tell me what I need to do to get a copy of my very own. Cheers:::Robert (Wizard)

Rut said...

Hey Wizard - check your email.
The whole 20 song demo is winging its way to you as I speak...
I currently don't have the lyric sheet & cover scanned - will do at sometime though. I'll mail you them when I do. Cheers, Rut

Anonymous said...

The Suburban Filth demo (and now 7'' Single) is available as a free download from here. All formats. Includes lyric sheets.