21 December 2021



These sounds would have assimilated into 1990s North American college/indie/alt - subdued guitars with a barely contained capacity for eruption, sonic progressions based on repetition, lead vocals with a sweet (and also forceful) lilt and a tendency to come completely unhinged. You can plant Poland's TISSURA ANI in the same general region as bands like PIXIES (pre-Doolittle) and STEREOLAB, with mid-'80s THE CURE guitar interspersed throughout. But remember the time and place here - I Don't Know was released during the time of ARMIA and EWA BRAUN, and somehow I feel like this tape is a combination of all of those things without owing a debt to any of them. Songs like "Love" manage to look 20 years into the future when so much (too much) of hardcore would be looking back at TISSURA ANI's contemporaries and trying to recreate...instead of looking inside and pulling out what's already there. And that, my friend/s, that random and indigestible non-descriptor, that is why I fucking love this tape. For a band to be simultaneously of their time, outside of their time, and ahead of their time...that's what you want.

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