01 December 2021


I really liked BAD DADDIES every time I saw them. Absolutely killer live band, and their recordings are all excellent. We need to be honest about the name for a moment though....and this is coming from a fellow who has been in more than two bands with questionable monikers...BAD DADDIES is a seriously flawed band name. I think that's the main reason that their run through most of the 2010s wasn't met with resounding praise, because the songs and delivery are superb. "How Do You Like Your Coffee?" is a straight classic, a song that could (and should) be on countless mix tapes throughout the next decade. The way they make bratty garage punk sound like art guitar driven college rock and/or vice versa...they just fucking nail it. Honestly, the best place to start is the Over 30 Singles collection because you get a taste of everything, but I think this tape was their last studio recording and it's a snarling snotty trainwreck of fuzzed out brilliance. 

(yes, probably)


Chris Catfood said...

love this tape, love this band!
was lucky to get a copy from the band after a basement show before they stopped playing and i listen to it now and then - but also agree that over 30 singles is the best place to start. love their cover of "if i gave you a party" that's on there

Ben Drinkin said...