09 December 2021



Why not stay in the '90s for another day? Maybe it seemed like it was shit then, and maybe in retrospect it was so much more of a warning of shit-to-come than we could have possibly imagined...but the music was all over the place and damn we had some good bands. Hopefully I will keep discovering new (or “new to me”) bands from that decade well into the 2030s, because I heard HEAVENLY for the first time in 2021 and it was pretty damn perfect. I wish there were a reality that felt as simple and careless and...pretty as this 1992 recording. But that's gone. So maybe that past is what we have. Shared here in the form that it came to me: no cover, no context, a faded and damaged label, just an imperfect vessel limping to my shores with its blissfully innocent cargo. 


K said...

Is that a Calvin Johnson guest spot on “C is the Heavenly Option”?

Anonymous said...

Seriously dude... you discovered a lost treasure. Thank you for rescuing it from obscurity and sharing it with us.