03 December 2021



The title is pretty self explanatory. You could add words like "RAW" and "BRUTAL" to the title if you prefer things to be really spelled out - or you could just pop in the fast and violent tape and then be surprised....like "whoa - this is fast and brutal, violence and raw!" I dunno, some motherfuckers like to be surprised. The tape has 35 face melting offerings, but mine got eaten so you're only gonna get your face melted 17 times today. NERVOUS MOTHERS, SORDO, ODIOSO DIOS, LIFEWRECK, FORCE-FED DRUGS, METH MOUTH...you get the general idea. There are three tapes in this series from Knochen (this one is from 2014), and they are all killer. If you like having your face melted. 

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