07 December 2021



This offering from CRACK is a bleak pseudo-psychedelic foray into murky doom. Cavernous experimentation meets deliberate bombast throughout five tracks spanning a full half hour, with spacious vocals that act more as an instrument of noise than a messenger. To be clear, the cuts are raw...and that only adds to the impact. The return of SIBERIAN ASS TORTURE on the flip is in some ways more of the same, but kicked up a notch in all departments. Those vocals are replaced by a guitar that just wails filthy leads and the tempo overall shifts up to a steady slog. Think about the most primitive PHARAOH OVERLORD sounds with a few stoner riffs...recorded in the barn next door. Neither band is doing anything 'cool,' or anything that folks in the various punk sub-scenes give half a shit about - which is, of course, exactly what makes this tape so fucking great. 

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