30 April 2021


Straight up: I miss shows. I miss playing, and I miss watching my friends play. I miss volume. I miss seeing Mae stomp around like a teenager in their bedroom. I miss watching Ktrü jump like he's showing off every time he hits an open chord just because he's in better shape than me. I miss Giacomo laying waste to a DBeat with casual precision, and I really fucking miss having my face melted by Jasmine, without a doubt my favorite bass player of the last decade. I miss shows...but I can wait.

The TØRSÖ demo dropped around 2014, and records seemed to follow immediately in its wake. The only bad thing about TØRSÖ is that, selfishly, they were never ours. They were never a "local" band even when they all lived here. There's something special about getting to experience a juggernaut before you have to share it, and that never happened with TØRSÖ...but when a band is this damn good right out of the gate, that's gonna happen. 

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