02 April 2021


By now, even the most stodgy fucks have likely realized that there is a magic in early New Age sounds. Full disclosure, my two gateways were Paul turning the screws on me to really dig John Fahey and then reading reviews of (and subsequently buying) the excellent I Am Center compilation a few years back. Those two nudges helped put a lot of pieces together....Windham Hill is not (and never was) the devil they just released a lot of really shit records (just like most punk labels). Maybe these sounds aren't meant to lull you, maybe they are meant to open you. Listening to Pat Wright's DJ sets flow from NEGATIVE FX to THE FALCONS and then some spaced out hippie synths right into FALSE PROPHETS really helped drive the whole thing home - that it wasn't all the same, but it could all hit the same way. So when I saw a tape in Pat's collection that just said Space Music, I moved it to the front of the line. Dismiss this as syndicated modern New Age public radio programming to your own detriment....ANDY SUMMERS, PIETER NOOTEN w/MICHAEL BROOK, TERJE RYPDAL, HORIZONT, DAVID SYLVIAN, BRAIN ENO, ACOUSTIC ALCHEMY, DANNY HEINES....yeah, I know, maybe this is the shit your dad listened to on his new hi-fi system. But fuck man, maybe your dad had some good ideas even if he was a dick, and maybe 3am public radio ain't so fukkn bad. And maybe I got lost in the Hearts Of Space archives for way longer than I'm comfortable admitting. 


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Icky said...

Some big brass shameless punk rock balls as usual, Sir.
I've been soaking in a grip of Sun Ra w/ my Powerviolence quite often these days; gotta mix it up !