07 April 2021



When 924 Gilman v.1 closed its doors and a small group of determined people were discussing how to reincarnate the club's vision, security was a huge issue. Neonazis were more than a casual nuisance in the Bay Area at the time, and would frequently target Gilman thinking they could find pacifist punching bags, and the shows themselves were often the casualty. The solution, it seemed, was to make sure that there was a presence at the club who was able to translate the club's message and vision into the only language the boneheads seemed to be able to speak...and so that's what they did. INTREPID AGAINST ALL FASCISTS didn't start until years later (this tape is from 1999) but these were the punks who were there nearly every weekend...these are the people who helped translate with their fists when necessary. These punks are the reason 924 Gilman was there for me when I moved here in 1995, even though I didn't go with any regularity until a few years later. So thanks. Four song here, three of which are on their only vinyl release. Snappy, anti-fascist Oi!. 

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